The College of Medicine is one of the Health Science Center
Units celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2006. It opened its
doors to students in 1956, after a long and careful planning
process, with a carefully chosen faculty consisting of rising
stars, and an innovative college curriculum. Building from this
promising beginning, it developed a tradition of visionary,
innovative education, patient care and research programs in a
unique health science center setting. The setting, offering as
it does the opportunity to work with departments on campus, and
particularly with members of all health care professions, helped
feed the rapid growth of the College. The College sponsors and
participates in many interdisciplinary institutes and centers,
while patient care thrives in a number of hospitals across north
Florida, and the growing numbers of medical students are able to
study medical practice in a variety of clinical settings. When
it first opened, it boasted a faculty of less than 50
individuals in seven departments. Today, there are 27
departments- with campuses in Gainesville and Jacksonville, and
a faculty that has more than a thousand members.

Please follow the link to visit the College of Medicine's 50th Anniversary Celebration Website:

College of Medicine's 50th Anniversary Celebration Website





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